GF FX 5800 news


die GF 5800 (non-ULTRA) scheint so schlecht nicht zu sein (wenn auch noch zu teuer im vergleich zur R9700):

With the overclocking capability this particular card has shown us, this card is truly something. Reaching more than FX5800 Ultra speeds using just the stock heatsink is indeed icing on the cake. I mean, how can you complain with a 1Ghz/600mhz memory/core overclock on stock cooling? Had we had more overclocking options, we could have gone beyond that easily. With more extreme cooling, I’m sure this card will impress most even further. Paying an FX5800 price for an FX5800 Ultra speed is enough to convince me that this card will pass the extreme gamer’s expectations. We were amazed by its overclocking prowess!


und ABIT sagt:

NVIDIA has been deemed a failure with the GeForce FX 5800 Ultra yields being extremely low and performance not up to the expectations of many (although, visually, it has been seen to be excellent). How will ABIT continue to produce successful graphics cards with a GPU that has a limited performance reach and, stock, has an extreme cooling system that is unpleasing, at the least? Will ABIT consider other options in the graphics market or continue to stand by NVIDIA’s side until they can come up with an adequate solution?

I don’t know if the 5800 Ultra can be deemed a failure. … The card they introduced was not mature nor were the drivers. … The final drivers will be ready in a few more days and have shown great improvements, even over the last drivers which made tremendous improvements over the previous drivers.

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wir werden sehen ob das stimmt…

Wichtig wäre auch evtl. dass man die Karten dieses Jahr noch im Handel bekommt - nicht dass ich persönlich daran interessiert wäre - aber im Augenblick führt Ati ein zu ruhiges Leben an der Spitze.
Die Radeon 9800 steht sicher vor der FX in Stückzahlen in den Läden.

die Terratec Mystify 5800/ 5800 ULTRA sind bei Alternate schon lieferbar - allerdings kosten die 499/599 euro, was fast schon eine unverschaemtheit ist.