Apple G5-Interview: Digital Video Editing - Make Your Videos Alive

DMN: Now, you’re saying it’s the first 64-bit desktop machine. But isn’t there an Opteron dual-processor machine? It shipped on June 4th. BOXX Technologies shipped it. It has an Opteron 244 in it.

Rubinstein: Uh…

Akrout: It’s not a desktop.

DMN: That’s a desktop unit.

Akrout: It depends on what you call a desktop, now. These… From a full desktop per se, this is the first one. I don’t know how you really distinguish the other one as a desktop.

DMN: Well, it’s a dual processor desktop machine, just like that one.

Akrout: It’s not 64, then.

DMN: Yes, it’s a 64-bit machine with two Opteron chips in it. It started shipping June 4th.

Akrout: That we’ll double check, but in my mind, it wasn’t.

Tja, luegen haben kurze beine :grin: